Stunning Car Greeting Cards for Men by Jochen Paesen


These stunning car greeting cards for men have been beautifully designed and drawn by Jochen Paesen. Whether it be a birthday, Christmas or greeting card this is what ever man wants to see on a card. You have a great collection of classic, muscle and racing cars to choice from with my particular favourite set being the muscle cars. If your looking for a classy and different set of cards to hand out this Christmas them look no further, these will look cool anywhere. These really are true man cards, they don’t exist in shops you normally get a boat or maybe if your lucky some dudes playing cricket.

Belgium based designer and illustrator Jochen is the creative Director at the BMW Group so he know’s a thing or two about cars. He has picked some of the most iconic cars for his greeting cards with some of my favorite included in the list.

All of these cool cards are available to buy on Jochen’s Behance page, check them out here or you can visit his shop at to see all the other amazing artwork he has for sale.

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