Hammerhead Industries Waterproof Waxed Day Pack

For me it’s all about how a product is presented, marketed and displayed whether it be on a website or instore. Hammerhead Industries have got it spot on with the HHI Day Pack ($290) using beautifully shot images with a perfect street scrambler also manufactured by Hammerhead Industries. They aimed to make a minimal bag suitable for riding and capable of holding the tools of modern life and fits a 15″ Laptop, iPad, and Kindle Sleeves making it the perfect bag for commuting. I love this bag and if anyone out there is wondering what to get me for Christmas then here you go. Cool company, beautifully presented and just a looks good with anything whether it be your weekend clothes or a trip to the office.

Constructed from waterproof waxed cotton, black  leather and parachute hardware,  the backpack features a roll top closure and the interior sleeves to keep all your beloved belongings safe. If you get chance you should have a look at the work they do on motorcycles,  if they can create a day pack like this image what the motorcycles look like.

Images: Hammerhead Industries

Website: www.hammerhead.com