The Jimco Trophy Truck is top of the food chain in off-road vehicles

You might just be looking at the world’s best of road vehicle, no other four wheel vehicle can travel as fast as a trophy truck over rough terrain. I mean just look at those 39″ BFGoodrich KR Racing Tires. The  Jimco Trophy Truck is available with a variety of custom features with an epic 850 hp Chevy or Ford race engine combined with over two feet of wheel travel in the front and almost three feet of travel in the rear. The Ford Raptor custom fibreglass shell can be customised with any paint or graphics you want but I think you should just leave it how it is, god for a truck it looks fine!

With the perfect mix of horsepower, suspension, and durability I think this has now moved to my number one spot of things most wanted and first to be purchased when I win the lottery. The truck has been developed from years of trails and actual race experience so you know this truck is going to perform no matter what terrain your on.

Based in Santee, California JIMCO Racing Incorporated is one of the most technologically advanced off road race shops in the world and will be the first people to know I’ve won the lottery.

Images: Jimco Race