Mustang Super Snake by Rick Design Automotive

I adore 60’s American muscle cars, and the Shelby Mustang is at the top of that list. When I can across the new version it was the first time I’d seen the 5th generation Mustang with the Shelby seal of approval stamped all over it. To make it even more special Canadian based custom car makers Rick Design got hold of it and sent another step closer to automotive heaven.

With a beautifully painted carbon fibre bonnet and metallic orange paint job you aint going to miss the super snake, if you don’t see it you’ll sure hear it coming about ten miles away. I love the custom chrome grill and bonnet vent grills, with the addition of the two spots on the front it really makes this car look mean.

The Super Snake first came along in 1966 when Carroll Shelby decided to make “The Cobra to End All Cobras” and set about making the AC Cobra 427 roadster street legal by changing some of the racing parts to get past the laws. Only a handful of these cars ever made it into production, I believe it was only 23 in the end. Thanks to the Twin Paxton Superchargers it was notoriously difficult to drive but even still what a machine.

Rick Design Automotive have done some amazing custom projects and certainly worth a look at there website, they also sell premium body kits and racing kits.

Images: Rick Design Automotive