Aston Martin DBS Ultimate – The final edition

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate

This sadley is the final chapter for the Aston Martin DBS, one of the most loved super cars to come out this century. But before it goes its making one final stand and oh my god what a way to do with this Ultimate edition. Everything that was great with the DBS has been made amazing, I think this has to be one of the finest looking cars ever to leave the factory of Aston Martin. The DBS Ultimate still uses the classic angelically singing 510hp V12 as the standard model but comes complete with some stunning upgrades.

The new upgrades in carbon fibre wing mirrors, stunning bad ass black exhausts and an equally mean looking darkened front grille. The interior has been given the same calssy touches such as diamond quilted stitching, alcantara headling and you’ll notice those big old coloured break calipers.

The DBS Ultimate will be avaliable in three colours: Silver Fox, Quantum Silver and Carbon Black II which is my particular favorite.

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Aston Martin DBS Ultimate