The Advantages of Diesel Engines – Meet the Trident Iceni

The Advantages of Diesel Engines Cars

This stunning car is a Trident Iceni and beneath the body sit’s a huge 6.6ltr V8 Turbo diesel engine that in Standard. It produces 430 bhp but has 950 lbs ft of torque which is huge but the most amazing thing about the Trident is that you get over 60 mpg. So what are the advantages of diesel engines we try and explain everything.

Back in 1893 Rudolph Diesel invented the internal combustion engine, and his name has stuck ever since. Diesel fuelled cars run on different engines than gasoline powered cars. Petrol powered engines rely on a spark or electricity for fuel ignition, while diesel engines use compression ignition for lighting the fuel.

But are there any real benefits to diesel fuelled cars? You bet there are.

Better Efficiency
Petrol engines are capable of converting about one-third of their fuel consumption into actual mechanical power. The diesel engine, on the other hand, can reach up to a 50% conversion rate. This means your diesel vehicle gets more miles per gallon/litre than petrol powered cars.

Improved Reliability
Diesel engines do not require high electric voltage ignition unlike their petrol cousins. This means diesel cars have better longevity and reliability. Diesel fuel also has better lubricating characteristics than petrol. This makes diesel engines last up to twice as long as petrol engines.

Lower Temperature Means Less Waste
Because diesel engines are more efficient, they run at cooler temperatures. Higher temperatures generate more waste producing heat, and this saving in energy is another reason why diesel engines are often seen as better than petrol.

The Advantages of Diesel Engines Cars

Less Carbon Monoxide Means a Safer Fuel
The fumes from petrol engines are higher in carbon monoxide content which is poisonous. This is the reason that diesel motors can be used in mines and other closed environments.

Diesel Motors Have Improved
Over the years, the smelly, noisy and smoky diesel engines have been replaced by quieter and cleaner models. Today’s diesel cars generate about the same amount of noise and exhaust as a petrol powered car. Also diesel motors are easier to turbo charge making performance much better. The old days of slow reacting diesel engines are history, and today’s models have plenty of power. Furthermore, diesel engines produce more torque making them ideal for hauling and for overtaking other cars on a busy highway.


Savings at the Pump
There are still some places where diesel fuel is cheaper than petrol. Even when the price is higher for diesel fuel, the savings in fuel efficiency and overall reliability make up the difference. You also save time as you spend less time going to service stations and waiting in line to fill up your tank.

Bio Fuel Friendly
Today’s organic biofuels run in diesel engines easier than in petrol engines. Petrol powered engines have to be adapted significantly to accept these new fuels, and this means increased costs.

How About Car Insurance Differences?
Diesel vehicles may be slightly more expensive to insure, however, the fuel, maintenance and resale savings tend to balance out this difference. You can compare policies here to see how much your diesel car costs to insure.

Are There Any Tax Breaks?
Yes! Because of diesel’s lower emissions rate, the drivers of diesel cars enjoy lower tax bands than the owners of petrol powered cars.

What are Some of the Best Diesel Cars?
If you are looking in terms of efficiency, some models definitely stand out. These also happen to be some of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the market today. Among them are:

  • SMART Fortwo Cabrio

  • Renault Clio

  • Kia Rio

  • Hyundai i20

  • Ford Fiesta

  • Peugeot 208

One car deserving special mention is the Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion 1.6 TDI which gets an incredible 74.3 miles per gallon. With one tank of diesel fuel you can drive up to nearly 900 miles!

What About Luxury Diesel Cars?
Mercedes-Benz has several diesel models available. These cars deliver the most significant fuel savings when compared to the equivalent petrol models. For example, a Mercedes-Benz GL350 Bluetec 4Matic owner will save about $10,000 over five years in fuel costs alone. Audi and BMW also make high quality diesel models to consider.

Diesel powered vehicles have come a long way. There are many ways that they save you money, and they are more environmentally friendly than petrol driven vehicles. These days some of the best car makers in the world offer excellent models to choose from. Diesel fuel has taken its place as a serious and attractive option for car buyers.


The Advantages of Diesel Engines Cars The Advantages of Diesel Engines Cars