1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sport Coupé by David Marvier

Another beautiful photography set by David Marvier with the star of this shoot being the gorgeous 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sport Coupé. I love the tone that David has used for this set, it has a classic vintage feel and looks really cool. David has done a fantastic job on this series and has achieved a really cool finish not to mention capturing the finest parts of the car and it’s character. The photographs have a real vintage warmth to them, I think this makes them much more appealing as you can feel the heat of the sun from location and compliments the red of the car.

I’ve featured David’s work before but this is the first car he has published, normally his work is more motorcycle orientated but I love this set so wanted to share it.  Alfa Romeo are known for making some of the most beautiful cars ever to have graced our roads and still do to this day. This is a stunning car, maybe not one of the best looking Alfa’s but it got bags of character and a certain coolness money just can’t buy. The wheels are really sweet, not sure if these are stock but either way they look cool.

Images: David Marvier

Website: davidmarvier.com

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