1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider by Hales Speed Shop

I want this 1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider so badly, it’s the coolest truck I’ve ever seen. Another amazing custom pick up from the guy’s at Hale’s Speed Shop and probably the 3rd truck I’ve featured. My last post was a 1956 Chevy and that was pretty sweet but I prefer this one. The body has been dropped to within an inch of it’s life and really cool simple paint job. It’s a kind of metallic camel colour, matched with all that chrome and the white walled tyres, it’s near perfect. You can tell that Hale’s shop are passionate about Chevrolet and produce the coolest low riding trucks money can buy.

The 3200 has also been photography beautifully with location being key to it’s success. I just love all the shots the cream of the walls  go so well with the colour of the truck. This one has got a shiny new chromed grill which is not like the other trucks I’ve posted by these guys, normally the paint is left in it’s naturally decayed state. Don’t get me wrong it looks bad-ass but it’s a nice change to see a clean looking truck.

To say that the Chevy first rolled out of the factory in 1949 and is over 60 years old can you honestly go out and buy a new truck today that looks even a tenth as good as this. Just in it’s normal state before it’s had the full Jedi treatment by Hale’s.

Images: Hale’s Speed Shop

Website: facebook.com/pages/Hales-Speed-Shop

1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider

1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider

1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider

1949 Chevy Pickup Lowrider