Stealth 1948 Ford Pickup by Rick Design

I’m really digging this 1948 Ford Pickup by Rick Design and it’s stealth look. The usual thing to do with these is keep it the same but dropped and a big shiny new engine or give it that rat rod look we all love. But Rick Design have modernised the entire truck with a sweet flat black paint job and some of the finest alloys I have seen on a truck. Canadian based Rick Design has had a sweet Mustang featured before and shows that they are a master of all vehicles.

This is a the perfect blend of old and new with a standard of finish I haven’t seen on a truck this old. The combination of flat black and carbon fibre really works well giving it that sense of modern lightweight racing pedigree. When you spray a car in a flat colour all the imperfections and slight dents really show up. This truck is perfect on every panel and the attention to detail doesn’t stop on the outside with a stunning interior. Although I love the orange / black combo I think it would have looked better in black but that’s just my opinion. Running on air ride suspension allows the truck to sit right on the floor with the body engulfing those huge rear tyres.

The owner of Rick Design Éric is one of the most high-profile tuners in Canada. Through hard work and creativity, he proved to be quite resourceful, having produce artworks out of cars like the Ferrari F355, the Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG, the Nissan Skyline GT-R 32, and the Acura NSX, which is probably his most famous project to date. By being able to work on such different types of cars, Éric has not only proven that he has an exceptional talent, he also demonstrated that Rick Design Automotive can do it all, from Italian supercars to American muscle car icons.



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