1937 Ford Sedan Hot Rod by Will Dugas

This is one bad ass car, 1937 Ford Sedan hot rod by Will Dugas and my god it looks sweet. Dropped to within millimetres of of the ground and given a beautiful engine upgrade this is a fine looking hot rod to come out of Hales Speed Shop. This fine creation has been perfectly captured by Scotrod Photography who deals with all the promo shoots from Hale’s. I really love the location choice on all his work which brings out the best in each vehicle he photographs. I’ve featured many cars from Hale’s Speed Shop before on Moto Verso and I’m a huge fan, but his is my all time favourite as you don;t see many modified Ford Sedans of this era with the 5 window coupé always stealing the lime light.

There is something about the semi rat rod look with open engine and white walled tyres that really appeals to me. We have nothing like this at all in the UK and no vehicle I can think off that would hold this look as well as the American’s. With air ride suspension fitted and some genius work on the wheel wells the car sits right on the ground when stationary and can lift to several pre-determined heights. I love the slight hints of rust coming through on the chrome and the fact the paint hasn’t been finished to a show standard. Gives the car character that only time can achieve.

The interior on this build is a work of art with a perfect integration of new and old. The Ford has also had a beautiful new engine that has been tuned to the max installed to give it the perfect sound and performance the car deserves. Great work from Scotrod on the photography of a great looking 1937 Ford Sedan hot rod.

Website: facebook.com/ScotrodPhotography

1937 Ford Sedan Hot Rod by Will Dugas

1937 Ford Sedan Hot Rod by Will Dugas

1937 Ford Sedan Hot Rod by Will Dugas

1937 Ford Sedan Hot Rod by Will Dugas