URBAN TRUCK 110 Black Edition LR Defender

Black Edition… brings up images of German super scientists bring Mercedes fire breathing dragons to life in a mountain hideout. With the last few months of the Defenders production quickly passing by and the introduction of the new version Urban Trucks and released a very Special Edition.

The URBAN TRUCK 110 Black Edition looks cooler than cool and definitely worth a closer inspection. The Land Rover Defender has to be one of the most iconic cars ever built with a reputation for it’s go anyway attitude. Everything on the exterior of the Defender has been changed to Black giving a rather a menacing look and one vehicle you would end up backing up for in a street face off. Not only do Urban Trucks do exterior parts they offer a wide range of performance upgrades including ECU upgrades, intercoolers and very impress stainless steel exhaust systems.

What Urban Truck do is make an already legendary car even better with improvements that only true enthusiast could develop and bring to the masses. This particular Black Edition Land Rover is sitting on some amazing Overfinch Rims wrapped in some pretty sexy BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres. Full leather sports seats upfront with equally brilliant full leather in the back and still with plenty room for the mountain bike. The URBAN TRUCK 110 Black Edition is vertainly on my virtual garage list and can’t wait to see more of there work in months to come.

Website: urban-truck.com


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