2016 Ford Mustang GT by ADV1

I’ve always been a classic mustang lover but never too sure whether I liked the modern re-imagining until the latest model came along. It looks stunning with hints of Nissan GTR mixed with good old fashioned American muscle. This isn’t any old Mustang it’s a custom 2016 Ford Mustang GT by ADV1, certainly nothing stock about it boasting a huge supercharger and lowered suspension not to mention the huge wheels fitted to the car.  ADV.1’s huge alloys give the car the perfect finish filling the arches with rubber. I always like dark gunmetal or graphic rims on a car and yet again ADV have pulled off some sweet looking wheels. You can actually go out and buy one just like this from ADV.1 complete with the supercharger and everything else that goes with it.

2016 Ford Mustang GT Califonia Special, 6 speed manual, 5.0, 3.55 rear end in deep impact blue on ADV7R MV2 CS Series wheels. Disc finished in Liquid Smoke, lip in Gloss Black with Exposed Titanium Hardware optioned. 20×10 inch front, 20×11.5 inch rear wheel sizing.

Whipple Superchargers – 2.9L Super Charger, 132mm Billet Throttle Body, 72# injectors / Whippe Fuel Rails, Dual Fan Heat Exchanger, 3.75” pulley, Whipple Tune, 664 RWHP/ 510 tq.

Corsa Extreme Cat back, with Black PVD tips

BC racing NA – custom coilovers

APR performance – Carbon Fiber Splitter

Website adv1wheels.com

2016 Ford Mustang GT by ADV1 2016 Ford Mustang GT by ADV1 2016 Ford Mustang GT by ADV1 adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-c_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-b_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-i_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-j_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-k_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb adv1-wheels-ford-mustang-whipple-supercharger-aftermarket-2015adv1-directional-rims-l_w940_h641_cw940_ch641_thumb